June - October, 2020

In the second half of 2020, The Cartoon Network (TCN) contracted Lawyartist to create four (4) illustrations for its subsidiary channel, BoomerangToons. 

These pieces primarily centred on merging  classic TCN characters with diverse races, families and situations. 

Pictured on the left is a collage of the four illustrations. 

Studio L.jpg

March 2021 - August 2021

After nearly six (6) years of temporary home work spaces, Lawyartist acquired a quaint space in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos to house his literal art desk and creative tools.

The possibilities are endless. 


September, 2021

Between the 24th and 25th of September, 2021, the first volume of Mr. Kensho titled "The Invoice" was auctioned and sold on the Foundation marketplace for 0.1ETH as a limited edition of 1. 

A real world A3 print  and playing card were both autographed and given to the collector. The playing card includes a QR code with the entire provenance of this NFT. 

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 will be sold as limited editions of 5 on the Opensea marketplace. 

Mr.-Kensho---Volume-1---The Invoice.png

June 30, 2021

In the latter half of 2018, Lawyartist decided to create a tribute to Lagos (Èkó) where he was born and spent 80% of his life.

It is the most densely populated state in the most populous African country. It is a city with many faces, some good, some bad, but Lawyartist chooses to portray the chaos in a playful manner.

It was only right that this would be the first NFT minted by Lawyartitst.

(Sold on Opensea)

Lagos - (C) LAWYARTIST.png

October 2019

Lawyartist reveals the first three of his 'Dead Horse' series which  underneath the bright hues, focus on social ills and realities existing in his city.


Each Dead Horse painting is a well-crafted story depicting the constant chaos and near misses in his everyday life. 

(Pictured: Dead Horse III)

Mixed media on artist grade paper. 

40 x 50cm 


June 2020

TOTEMS are reworked collections of past modes of consciousness as expressed by art genius, Dipo Doherty. 

This collaboration is a Lawyartist rework of these unique illustrations with vivid colours. 


A DD x Lawyartist collaboration

(Edition of 10)


Drops on Sunday, 28th June, 2020; 12Noon EST



(Pictured: Collage of TOTEMS pieces, Lawyartist Rework)


December 2018

For this project, Lawyartist was to portray the culture of hip hop on a canvas all too familiar to the culture itself, the Nike Airforce 1.

After days of research and simulations, Lawyartist created a unique design matching the ten different personalities of the ten recipients.

Kanye Lyrics, 3.5mm Headphones, Radio Raheem's Stereo, this collection was hiphop. 

One of the recipients, the late Legendary Hiphop documenter, Chimodu (RIP) approved.


October 2018 - present

After many manyyyy months (26 but who is counting) of deliberate solitude, thought and discussionsss with my good friend Nkemka Uche, I have created Mr. Kensho.


It’s going to be a crazy crazyyy adventure, get familiar.


#MrKensho 🚀


July 2019

The traditional logo symbolising the duality of Lawyartist's careers is detailed but not as contemporary as necessary. 

To reduce the formal nature of his insignia, Lawyartist replaces the gavel and pencilwith four strokes which achieve the exact same result.