NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens aka Crypto art aka What the hell is the metaverse?)

Mr Kensho: Own a piece of Lawyartist's mind

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the Adventures of Mr. Kensho are on sale on Opensea. 

Each volume will be limited to 5 editions only. ETH 0.05 each.

Early Collectors will receive exclusive and real world collectibles! 


Volume 1 (The Invoice) was sold on Foundation for 0.1 ETH here

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Volume 2 - ETH is forever?

Volume 2 of Mr. Kensho's adventures sees him ponder what the present day meaning of value is. What will be valuable, not just today, but forever. 


The last 400 days have shown that even established commodities of value such as oil, on which countless empires have been built, may be rendered worthless. 

Conversely, save a few bumps and the flickering margins, cryptocurrency has been rising, no, soaring exponentially. 

Eagle-eyed viewers of this volume, would notice that the answer to the titular question is right beneath it,      Y£$. This in itself is a play on major fiat currencies today.


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4/5 editions left. 

Volume 3 - Tweet not available

This volume depicts how being muted, being robbed of your freedom of speech must feel. 

Mr. Kensho acting as the muted subject here, is contemplating a number of things ranging from a dying economy, emigration and leaders with questionable regimes. 

Directly inspired by the ban of twitter by the Nigerian government on June 5, 2021.

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5/5 editions left. 

Mr.-Kensho---Volume-3---Tweet not available.png

Volume 4 - A glass case of emotions 

This volume focuses on the emotions of sadness and dread. A reluctant return to home. To a less organized system but home is still home.

The snowfall existing solely within the bottle is to further highlight that Mr. Kensho is alone in this feeling. Cold and alone. 

Welcome to A glass case of emotions. 

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(A clue to this home is on the boarding pass)

2/5 editions left

OSINACHI, aka Africa's foremost NFT artist acquires Lawyartist's WILD THINGS!

WILD THINGS, a 4K resolution 15 second experience, features a 360 degree take on some notable wildlife species by Lawyartist.

On November 15, 2021, this 3D piece was sold as an edition of 1 on the Foundation marketplace for the present day value of $USD1,659.89. 

It now rests in Osinachi's NFT collection. 


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